HTE Fekete László-award

László Fekete (1960-2017) was a well-known figure in the Hungarian telecommunications and IT management community for many decades. He searched tirelessly and with excellent sense for new, innovative solutions, so that the development creates added value, user satisfaction and financial results. With his activities in a corporate environment, he showed a successful example of how to achieve leading operations from a following position through innovation. In recognition of his innovative work and to encourage new generations to innovate more and more, Hungarian business leaders founded an award named after László Fekete. We cherish his memory with dignity by showing his example to the innovators of the future year after year. The founders of the award expressed their intention to be supporters of the "HTE Fekete László Award" and to continuously contribute to the sustainability of the award.

You can join the circle of supporters of the HTE Fekete László Award by decision of the Board of Trustees. The founders commissioned the Scientific Association for Infocommunications (HTE) to take care of the prize and organize its annual publication.

Based on the will of the founders, individuals may apply or can be nominated who fulfill the following conditions for the award:

  • participated in the development or creation of the concept of one or more info-communication innovative developments,

  • the innovative service(s) or product(s) created in this way reached the phase of market utilization and caused user and consumer satisfaction.

  • the activities of the inventor/manager have been recognized in professional circles.

  • the inventor is a Hungarian or foreign citizen, but the developed / managed service has (also) been launched here and is still in use on the day of submitting the application.

The Founders want to reward individual innovative qualities. Therefore, it is important to mention that the innovative service or product required in the application is only a kind of "supporting material" in order to get as realistic a picture of the applicant as possible. During the evaluation, the Evaluation Committee may conduct personal interviews with the applicants, collect industry information or even view the innovative service. That is why we encourage the applicants to share as much information as possible with the evaluators in their application materials about their own role, work methods or their relationship to innovation. The product/service itself is important in the process, but the product/service is not the decisive element of the evaluation. But the PERSON behind the innovation. :-)

You can be considered for the award as a self-nomination or as a proposal of an organization or individual. Groups can not apply for this award.