IEEE Conferences Committee Member-at-Large Nomination 2022
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IEEE Conferences Committee Member-at-Large Nomination 2022



Peter NAGY has been the Operations Director (2005-today) at the Scientific Association for Infocommunications (HTE, the Hungarian IEEE Communications Society Sister Society). Mr. NAGY was involved in 40+ scientific and business-oriented conferences in various positions.

Mr. NAGY holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME in 2000) in Hungary. He was a State scholar at TU-Vienna, Austria (1998). He finished his Master of Business Administration studies in Budapest (2005), which included a series of intensive special courses maintained by the State University of New York Buffalo (USA) and Rochester Institute of Technology (USA).

Mr. NAGY is the publisher of the Infocommunications Journal (HU ISSN2061-2079) and was a Guest Editor of IEEE Communications Magazine in August 2013 (Quantum Communications). He is involved in promoting high quality Journal and Conference papers.



IEEE Activities

Current duties

2021-2022 Vice-Chair Technical Activities IEEE Region 8 - oversight of 5 major committees, conference coordination, chapter coordination, professional and educational activities, Action for Industry, standard activities
2022 MGA IT Coordination and Oversight committee -
2021-2022 National Society Agreements Program - increas the cooperation between the Sections/Geo Councils and the National Society.

Past duties

IEEE Region 8 Conference Coordination Sub-committee 2015-2020 (2015-2016 Member, 2017-2018 Chair, 2019-2020 Past Chair) - he involved many volunteers, he built up a teamwork, managed several site-selection procedures, handled many Technical Co- Sponsorship requests
As Conference Coordinator (2017-2018) Mr. NAGY represented IEEE Region 8 at Regional Conference Coordinators calls and face-to-face meetings.
2018 - 2020 - Technical Program Integrity Committee member - post-conference quality reviews, a sub- committee of IEEE Conferences Committee
2018-2019 - IEEE Conferences Committee - MGA representative - worked on cooperation among Regional Conference Coordinators across IEEE and was involved in the roll-out of Technical Co-Sponsorship fee for Sections and Chapters
2018-2019 - member of TAB AdHoc on Global Society Interaction led by Maciej Ogorzalek (Poland) - as Sister Society leader he had insights on the pro and con side as well
2016-2017 - IEEE Conference Finance Committee member led by John Barr (USA), main focus on Taxation (VAT, GST, sales tax) - he worked in several countries with different taxation environment

Communications Society

2016-2018 GLOBECOM & ICC Management and Strategy Committee, Finance Working Group Chair - standing committee for two flagship conferences, oversee the operational preparation and management and do strategic planning
2016-2017 Strategic Planning Committee, Secretary - standing committee for preparing a long-term strategic plan to guide the direction and future of the Society and for preparing short-term plans to direct specific areas, as appropriate.
2016-2017 Sister and Related Societies Board member – a board for setting up new agreements and monitoring existing ones with National Societies.



  1. IEEE MGA involvement: Vice-chair Technical Actitivities of Region 8, MGA IT Cooridnation and Oversight committee member, Region 8 Conference Coordination committee Member/Chair
  2. Recently I organized Hybrid conferences, which is a complete new experience during/after pandemic.
  3. Finance experiences: Operations Director of a Sister Society for 17 years, Supervisory Board of a Venture Capital Company for 3 years and Finance Chair for 10+ big conferences
  4. Worked on several societies' conferences: Communications Soc, Vehicular Technology Soc., Computer Soc., Council on RFID and non-IEEE organizations, focus mostly on finances
  5. Major recent conferences with Finance chair duties: IEEE ICC 2013 - ca 1.180.000 USD, IEEE ICC 2014 - ca. 1.070.000 USD, IEEE WCNC 2015 - ca 368.000 USD, EUSIPCO 2016 - ca 300.000 USD. Handling VAT, GST, working with tax exempt organization and dealing currency exchange risk.


Major accomplishments

Budget tracking

I introduced a budget tracking tool for mid-sized and large conferences, dividing the fixed and variable costs. Easy to maintain the surplus if the registration numbers goes high or lower than expected.

National Societies

I'm support the IEEE National Societies Agreements Program. The main aim to identify the win-win actions, share the lessons learned and increase the cooperation between IEEE and National Societies worldwide.

Regional Conference Coordinators


Position statement

Still go Hybrid

There are cases when the hybrid conference brings benefit to the audience. With these meetings we can engage members who can only attend remotely and increase overall attendance. Selebrated speakers can be invited, when they may not able to arrange travel

Financial statistics

The conference series should have the previois financial statistics. The comparision might help to highlight the challenges for the next organizers.

Technical Co-Sponsorship, Financial Co-Sponsorship

We should promote Technical Co-Sponsorship for OU-s and highlight the opportunity to convert TCS conferences to Financial Co-Sponsored events. Units could benefit from it financially too.