The HTE MediaNet 2015 conference organized by the Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary (HTE) is going to be held in Kecskemét, Hungary. As a renewal of previous successful TV conferences traditionally organized every two years (thus being the fourteenth occasion in the course of HTE media conferences), this conference will be a prominent media technological event of the Hungarian infocommunications community and a widely recognized scientific forum. Participants primarily include executives of specialist firms, R&D project leaders and top decision makers in technical and technological issues.

This year's event focusses on the impact of the media penetration by IT innovation on technology and media consumption habits, as well as on other current technical, market-related and regulatory issues of infocommunications to draw on synergies of telecommunications, IT and media communications. MediaNet aims to provide insights into the changes of media technology and the infocommunications market. It provides a forum for publishing novel technical solutions, innovative network, service and application development ideas, as well as for exchanging experiences, fostering cooperation and personal and direct networking among attendees.

Highlights of our 2015 event particularly include the latest stages of technological development (e.g. new programme production and broadcasting technologies, digital radio), the impact of social media on day-to-day life, and regulatory issues triggered by new technologies. Particular emphasis is placed on informing participants about the appealing professional and policy-related aspects of the above topics from the most reliable sources, by the best specialists and project leaders of the relevant areas, as well as on potential responses to issues arising. Special panel discussions are to be organized to support the programme highlighs of the conference.

The conference, planned to last for one and a half days, features a number of prominent guest speakers, also awaiting specialists to apply for presentations in reply to the invitation and to be confirmed by the program committee.

We look forward to your proposals for presentations in line with the profile of the conference, bringing the following high-priority topics to your attention:


  • Government roundtable – current policy issues
  • DNFP – recent developments and experiences, first lessons of implementation
  • Regulatory challenges – current highlights


  • New programme production technologies – what is to come after 3D, 4K, and 8K (or before?)
  • Digital radio – whether the last stronghold of analog services is to tumble down (and if so, when?)
  • Alternative broadcasting technologies – are they really about anything, anywhere and at any time?
  • Acoustics, audio control, speech synthesiss – or can anyone have Stephen Hawking's voice?
  • Automobiles and media – cinemas to be furnished in cars?


  • Who owns the content – why is the mud fighting of lawyers when P2P and OTT win it all?
  • Social media – "love and hate", why do so many people hate what others can't even live without?
  • Ratings – are there any better measuring methods to outrival current solutions?

Those of you who intend to deliver presentations at the conference are kindly requested to send the title and one-page abstract of their presentation by

15 June 2015 

to the Secretariat of HTE at H-1051 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 12.

You will be notified of the approval of your presentations. In case of a great number of presentations, poster sessions will also be organized similarly to previous conferences – on agreement with the authors.

Awaiting your applications and looking forward to meeting you at
the HTE MediaNet 2015 conference!


Gábor Magyar
General Chair of the Conference
Miklós Szűcs
Technical Program Committee Chair

Mária Tézsla
Conference organizer
Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary (HTE)
phone: +36 1 353 1027 fax: +36 1 353 0451

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