Invitation to HTE Infokom 2018

The HTE Infokom 2018 conference organized by the Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary (HTE) is going to be held in Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort, Balatonalmádi, between 7 and 9 November 2018.

As a renewal of previous successful telecommunication networks conferences traditionally organized every two years, HTE Infokom 2018  is the twenty first occasion in the course of HTE networks conferences. This conference focusing on the infocommunication networks and applications will be a prominent professional event of the Hungarian infocommunications community. HTE Infokom conferences are widely recognized scientific fora, their participants primarily include chief executives, R&D project leaders and top decision makers. HTE Infokom 2018 provides a forum for publishing novel technical solutions, innovative network, service and application development ideas, technological and regulatory trends as well as for exchanging experiences, fostering cooperation and personal and direct networking among attendees.

The conference, planned to last for two and a half days, is organized with plenary sessions, parallel technical sessions and special panel discussions, as well as social programs for networking. Exhibition booths are also available. The program committee invites prominent experts from the business, governmental and academic world alike. Particular emphasis is placed on informing participants about the professional and policy-related aspects of the actual topics and the potential responses to arising issues from the most reliable sources by the best specialists and project leaders of the relevant areas. We look forward to your proposals for presentations and/or exhibition in line with the profile of the conference.

The high-priority topics of the HTE Infokom 2018 are the followings:

  • Actual infocommunication strategic and policy issues
  • Cybersecurity
  • Domestic high-speed internet developments
  • Recent regulatory issues: Spectrum policy, Digital Single Market
  • 5G networks and services: a networked society
  • Internet of Things: energy efficient solutions
  • Cloud infocommunications: cloud computing and networking
  • Societal impact of Internet ecosystems

More information:

Please visit, the web-site of the HTE Infokom 2018 conference for details (mostly in Hungarian), and send your any question to the Secretariat of HTE at H-1051 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 12., e-mail:

Looking forward to meeting you
at the HTE Infokom 2018 conference!


Gábor Magyar
HTE President
Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy
Program Committee Chair
Máté Mester
Program Committee Co-Chair