HTE Infokom 2012

18th HTE Biennial Conference and Exhibition on Infocommunication Networks and Applications, will take place between October 10-12, in Matrahaza, Hungary.

HTE Infokom is a biennial conference organized by the Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary. The conference is the most prominent and widely recognized scientific event of the Hungarian professionals in the area of infocommunications. The participants are technology executives, R&D project leaders and top decision makers in Hungary.

The conference addresses key topics and issues related to technical, market and regulatory aspects of information and communication systems. It's goal is to provide the possibility to recognize current market changes, to aid the dissemination of development strategies of state-of-the-art technological solutions, networks, services and applications, to pool technical expertise, to promote cooperation and to develop personal connections.

This year HTE Infokom focuses on major infocommunication projects and processes initiated or controlled by the Hungarian Government. Extra stress is laid on informing the conference participants from the most authentic sources, for which purpose the primary leaders of the projects are invited to present the most relevant details of areas, like:

  • Present status and future plans of the Hungarian mobile service providers;
  • Strategic questions and plans for development of the National Communication Backbone Network (Ministry of National Development, MVM NET Ltd., NISZ – National Infocommunication Service Provider Ltd.)


For more details please refere to the conference website:

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